Team Skyfire Acquires "Blame Coinflip"

Sun 28th Aug 2016 - 3:15am General Gaming

Team Skyfire Acquire Overwatch Team

With Overwatching rapidly gaining traction on the eSports scene, Team Skyfire found it fitting to enter with an incredible new roster acquisition. By attaining this young and powerful lineup, Skyfire hope to assist their debut Overwatch team in achieving great success on the national stage.

During this acquisition Skyfire caught up with the team to see their aspirations, what consists inside a successful squad and how the player’s background affect their performance in competitive Overwatch:

“Our aspirations are to improve as a team who endeavour to be the best in Oceania. Our roster is full of young, talented and ambitious players who are aiming to excel individually and aim to surpass expectations to reach greater heights in the scene.

Our roster consists of our fundamental support players Bugalugs and Tak4n, our quick-witted DPS players Soundwaves and ckm, our substantial core tank Soch and the brain behind the mechanism Render. Our competitive experience within the team ranges from various competitive first person shooters. Most notably, Bugalugs who had strong performances in CS:GO, Tak4n who played with some of the top US players in Paladins, and Soundwaves who had competitive experience within TF2, Dirty Bomb and Planetside.

Players within our team that had some of the highest showings in other games include Soch who has distinct experience at a high level in CS:GO and Rainbow 6 Siege playing for some of the leading teams such as Streamline. Both ckm and Render have driven the TF2 scene by playing pocket soldier for the top 4 teams, Render being the captain of the renowned team World Underground and ckm’s most prominent team being Home Alone.
Our coach AVRL has captained and played medic for the utmost shining teams such as Fever and Frenetic Array in TF2. He has also played in the legendary team Sidewinder YSW as their medic.

Thanks to Team Skyfire for giving us this astounding opportunity to represent such a remarkable organisation in our road to reaching #1 in a game we all love, Overwatch.”

-- Team Skyfire, Overwatch Team

The Team Skyfire Overwatch roster is as follows:

Joel “Bugalugs” Champness
Igor “Tak4n” Kalagin
Jordan “Soch” Soccio
Alexander “Render” Donevski
Felix “Ckm” Murray
Charlie “Soundwaves” Miller
Kevin “AVRL” Walker

Team Skyfire will debut their new roster on 30th of August for the Cybergamer Weekly Cup.



Written by: Matt "vDeadline" Cail




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